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Welcome to Dixon’s Dance Academy located in Vineland.      

We are so excited that you have chosen to sign up for dance at our studio. On our team are a group of dedicated teachers who love the art of dance.We are a faith based Christian Family who enjoy spreading the seeds of dance through our God given talent and passion.

 We are all trained with years of experience in each form of specialized dance. We are here to teach dance, exercise our body and mind, and most of all have fun! Dixon’s Dance Academy is a school for learning the art of dance following one’s passion for dance. It is the belief of this ownership that dance is the expression of an individual feeling. Dance relieves tension through rhythmic steps and body motion. We are a family business who encourages talent of all ages, sizes, and styles. We want our students to feel they can succeed in anything they do. Our 2005 motto “D.A.R.E . to Dance”  Dream..Attempt...Realize...Experience is what we believe and teach to all dancers at our studio.2017 Motto "Spreading the Seeds of Change through Dance encourages dancers of all ages to continue to grow, learn , and be the change in their community.


Owner Nancy Dixon opened her studio in January 2005 and has taught dance to over 300 students in Cumberland County. She works along side of her parents Richard and Diane Dixon and sisters Stephanie Dixon and Diana Carter who all help contribute to making Dixon’s Dance Academy a SUCCESS! Nancy is a 2004 Honors Graduate of St. Elizabeth University. She has taught and performed throughout the state of New Jersey and New York for various dance schools, competitions, and community events.

Nancy has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood and Communication.


Nancy has won numerous Platinum & High Gold Awards at Dance Competitions including New Jersey Elite Dance, Sophisticated Productions, Backstage Local and National Competitions, Elite Talent Dance, Rock Star Dance Competitions, and more. She has performed with fellow dancers for Raven Symone at Great Adventure, Downtown Disney World, World Series Championship Year Winner Philadelphia Phillies Games, Cumberland County College, Landis Theater, Miss Vineland Pageant, Atlantic City’s Steel Pier, local church events & plays, Vineland Christmas Parades, National Dance Day Block Party with Mayor Romano, the National Dance Day host group at Six Flags Great Adventure, and Vineland’s 150th Birthday Celebration and Parade Performances. 


2021 will hold our 17th Annual Dance Recital where dancers showcase their talents and what they have been rehearsing for ten months. Dixon’s Dance Academy gives students a chance to be themselves and express their emotions through the art of dance.


2005 Christian Hot Spot Performance “Work it Out” &  Veterans Day              Tribute *Puertorican Festival Parade and performance 


2006 Great Adventure Boys & Girls Club Day Performance

          with Raven Simone


2007 New Jersey Elite Competition Platinum Winners * 

         Great Adventure Dance Day Performance

         Mennies School Lip Sync Performance of “So Excited-                                FootWork” *Broadway Dance Center Hip Hop Workshop


2008 Actor Tommy Ford Dance Benefit at Cumberland County         College *Steel Pier Performance & Phillies Performance with Phanatic *Wildwood Dance Nationals-Convention Center


2009 Downtown Disney World Performance and Disney Cast      Workshop *Millville Air Port Veterans Day Performance


2010 Elite Talent Dance Competition Platinum Winners

         Great Adventure Dance Day Performance *Michael Jackson Tribute & Benefit Concert Performance Wallace Middle School *

Veterans Home Day Performance for soldiers * 1st Annual National Dance Day (NDD) Block Party Hometown Host


2011 Backstage 6 foot Trophy Winner & Platinum Awards

         *Great Adventure Flash Mob Coordinators/Host Studio NappyTabs Choreography 2nd Annual NDD

         * Miss Vineland Pageant Performance of “Pon de Floor”

         * Vineland’s 150th Birthday Celebration Dance Routines/parade


2012 Landis Theater Dance Competition Winners (BPAC)

& Nationals Participants *VHS Cap & Dagger Club Concert Performance of “Mary Poppins” * Miss Vineland Pageant Performance *Sabater Family Fitness Night


2013 NAACP Black History Month PAL Honorees

Martin Luther King Day Performance of the Lion King *BPAC Competition * VHS Cap & Dagger Club Performance of “Lion King” * Miss Vineland Pageant Performance *Steel Pier Performance 4th Annual NDD* Vineland Day Phillies Phanatic Performance *Christmas Holiday Concert at Wallace Middle School * Sabater Family Fitness Night *Jenny on the Block Vineland Block Party *Vineland’s National Night Out


2014-2016 VHS Cap & Dagger Benefit Winter Concert Performance of “So Close” *Miss Vineland Pageant Performance of “Applause” & “Arabian Coffee” *BPAC Platinum/High Gold Winners  *Fierce Dance Challenge Overall Fierce Award & Platinum winners *Millville Mike Trout Day Performance with Philly Phanatic at Citizen’s Bank Park (5th time performing on the field) *Boys & Girls Club Fashion Show Performance *5th Annual National Dance Day Steel Pier Performance (July 2014)


**2005-2019 Annual Chestnut Assembly Church Plays


**2006-2019 Vineland’s Annual Christmas Parades


**2007-2009 Chestnut Assembly of God’s Memorial Day

                         Tribute Dances


**2010-2015  Citizen’s Bank Park Dance Performances


**2011-2018 The Pulse on Tour Dance Conventions

                          Miss Vineland Pageant Performances


                           Stay Tuned...more to come!







Community Involvement


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